Scenic boat tour to the majestic mountains

This tour takes you through the spectacular fjord Tasermiut! 70 kilometers of pure and raw nature. We start the tour in Nanortalik harbor where you are welcomed by your guide and the captain. When you have made yourself comfortable we journey out towards the mouth of Tasermiut.


One of the first things you will see is a small settlement called Tasiusaq. We will make a small stop close to the village for you to enjoy the setting and your guide will provide you with details about the settlement. On our way to Qinngua, the bottom of the fjord, you will see valleys, lakes and breathtaking mountains. Further into the fjord, you will see the mountains of Suikkassuaq, Nalumasortoq and Ulamertorsuaq. This particular range of mountains is famous for its mountains once formed by the glaciers and for a reason, attracts a lot of trekkers and climbers and simply put this place is a pure miracle formed by the nature itself that you would just stop and applaud the nature for a place like this. We believe these Nordic settlers had the same thought and chose this place.


Slowly moving towards the bottom of the fjord you will notice that the inner icecap becomes bigger and bigger and finally the boat will stop. If safe you will be able to walk up to the massive glazier while enjoying a beverage of choice.


After a little while we journey back and you will be able to rejoice the stunning fjord and its hidden marbles.


Tasermiut Fjord is well-known for its spectacular beauty. With its sky-high mountains, reflecting themselves in the still waters of the fjord, the inhabitants of the surrounding area has crowned it as a wonder of the Arctic. The nature around Tasermiut will definitely take your breath away and drain you emotionally with its beauty, it is the perfect location for creating and photographing moments lasting a lifetime.


Uiluit Qaqqaa also known as Ketil Mountain together with Nalumasortoq and Ulamertorsuaq are a group of three walls of rocky mountains. Beneath those massive mountains, therein lies Klosterdalen (Monastery Valley). In the old age of Viking era, Nordic settlers came to this place and left us ruins including what once was a Monastery hence the name Monastery Valley.

The Icecap

The last destination of the day will be a branch of the Greenland ice cap. When arriving at the glacier, you will be overwhelmed with its enormous size. But this branch is yet a small part of the Greenland ice cap, that covers 80% of the country. Stand in the blue and white nuanced rays of the soaring glacier, while the arctic winds long to play with your hair. It is a unique and once in a lifetime experience, that will drain you emotionally with its beauty.


Tasermiut Fjord Tour

  • We meet outside the gas station in Nanortalik
  • After sailing into the mouth of the fjord, we will get to the small settlement of Tasiusaq
  • Next stop is sheep farm of Nuugaarsuk and forestation at Kuussuaq
  • After sailing further into the fjord, you will be met by the famous towering mountains of Suikkassuaq, Nalumasortoq and Ulamertorsuaq
  • On the way to the glacier at the bottom of the fjord, you will see other mountains that are equally amazing
  • When we get to the glacier, you can experience the enormous wonder by getting off to the shore.


  • Duration

    4 hours

  • Difficulty

    Easy, although expect walking once we get to the glacier, so bring some hiking boots and warm clothing.

  • Boat type

    Closed and heated.

  • Safety

    Our boats are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for sailing with passengers. Radio and satellite communications are all covered.

  • What's Included?

    Local guide



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