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From the moment your guests disembark in Nanortalik, we give them the local experience they need. It is not a coincidence that we only employ local guides with deep Greenlandic roots who knows the local area and its history. From guided tours – both on land on sea – to cultural experiences with local entertainment, your guests will see Greenland from a cultural perspective. We feel privileged to be surrounded by the beautiful nature which the south has become known for, and we want to show it to everyone.

Open town events

Kayak Show

Kayak is one of the strongest cultural symbols of our adaptability to the land that distinguishes us as a people.

Traditional Drum Dance

Musicians from Greenland originally played on a drum. This simple instrument was used for a variety of purposes including entertainment, exorcism and witchcraft.

Greenlandic Polka

Kalattuut is a common music and dance style used at festive occasions and it is practiced and taught in some formal societies.

Greenlandic Choir

Choirs and hymns have become an important element in Greenland’s national culture. Many towns have at least one performing choir and Nanortalik is not an exception.

Open Air Museum

Nanortalik is home to one of South Greenland’s comprehensive museums. Visit the museum consisting of 14 buildings with exhibitions in 11 of them, each one of them telling a piece of the history of the town.


Greenlanders hold kaffemik to celebrate special events of all kinds – births and birthdays, first days of school and confirmations – experience this joyful Greenlandic tradition.

Tours by boat

Tasermiut Fjord Tour

Uunartoq Hot Springs

Iceberg Sightseeing

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