Get up close to the icebergs

Sail around Qaqortoq to look for the amazing floating Greenlandic wonders.


Qaqortoq is surrounded by icebergs all year around. Every year in spring the drift ice from the east coast comes down to the southwest coast, with them comes the animals too. So, the ice was very important for the Inuits survival. Meet the local guide who grew up in the town that always have icebergs, the guide will tell you more about the importance of the ice right underneath the beautiful mountains of Qaqortoq.


Not only can you enjoy the view of the icebergs, you can also touch one as soon as the local and the skilled captain finds an iceberg that is safe to get very close to. The guide will provide a beverage with thousands of years old ice from the icecap. Remember to keep watch for whales and seals on the tour, you might see one. The captain and the guide will also be on a look out as well.


  • Meet and Greet: We meet at the tender pier in Qaqortoq. There,  your captain and guide welcomes you aboard for a brief overview and safety demonstration.
  • Iceberg tour: Sail around Qaqortoq, marveling at the stunning ice formations. Learn about iceberg formation and capture breathtaking photos.
  • Wildlife Spotting: Keep an eye out for local wildlife such as seals and possibly whales, as your guide shares insights into their ecosystems.
  • Return: We conclude with a serene cruise back to the tender pier, reflecting on the unforgettable sights.
  • Disembarkation: Back at the tender pier, our crew assists you off the boat, marking the end of your remarkable iceberg experience.

Our cancellation fees are as follows:

  • Cancellation fee of 30% is charged if cancelled 1 day or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 20% is charged if cancelled 3 days or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 15% is charged if cancelled 7 days or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 10% is charged if cancelled 30 days or less before the event

Note: The cancellation fee also applies if the ship cancels the port call.

Why We Charge a Cancellation Fee:

  • Operational Costs: Preparing for tours incurs costs like staffing and equipment setup, which are often non-refundable on short notice.
  • Limited Capacity: Our tours have limited spots to ensure quality. A late cancellation prevents these spots from being offered to others, affecting our resource allocation.
  • Advance Planning: Significant effort goes into planning and customizing tours for a memorable experience, involving logistical arrangements.
  • Fairness: Our cancellation policy ensures fairness, allowing us to maintain tour quality and service commitment to all guests, despite unexpected cancellations.


  • Duration

    1 hour

  • Difficulty


  • Boat type

    RIB Boat/Zodiac.  Maximum group size is 9 guests per departure. 

  • Safety

    Our boats are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for sailing with passengers, and they have certified captains. Life rafts, as well as radio and satellite communications, are all covered.

  • What to bring

    Please dress warmly in layers to ensure comfort throughout your experience. Bringing gloves and hat is recommended.


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