South Greenland's Culinary Delights

Welcome to our food tasting tour, designed to offer you an authentic taste of Greenland through its distinctive cuisine. This tour is a celebration of Greenland’s rich bounty, emphasizing the traditional practices that have sustained its people for generations. We take pride in sourcing our fish and meat directly from the community’s hunters and fishermen, who are integral to our way of life. By doing so, we guarantee the freshest ingredients, while supporting the traditional livelihoods that are the backbone of our local economy.


In addition to the invaluable contributions of our hunters and fishermen, we also focus on local, organic produce, with ingredients sourced from Upernaviarsuk, an experimental farm located near Qaqortoq. Upernaviarsuk is renowned for its commitment to sustainable farming practices, ensuring that every dish you sample is not only a delight to the senses but also respectful of our environment. This harmonious blend of sea and land offerings showcases the versatility and richness of South Greenland’s natural resources.


A special highlight of our tour is the inclusion of herb wine, crafted by a local winemaker from Tasiusaq, a settlement with around 50 inhabitants. This winemaker is the only certified wine producer in Greenland, offering a unique opportunity to taste a truly local beverage that complements the flavors of our dishes perfectly. Made from native herbs, this wine captures the pristine essence of Greenland’s natural landscape.


Enhancing the food tasting experience is the expertise of a local chef, who prepares traditional Greenlandic dishes with modern twists. As you savor the carefully curated selection, the chef will share insights into the culinary techniques, heritage, and cultural significance behind each dish. This not only enriches your meal but also provides a deep, educational backdrop to the entire experience.


By choosing to join our tour, you’re doing much more than enjoying a culinary adventure; you’re actively contributing to the sustainability of our local community. Your participation supports Greenlandic hunters, fishermen and farmers, ensuring that the traditions and livelihoods that define our culture continue to thrive. 


Greenland Culinary Experience

  • We will meet you at the tender pier and escort you to the local community hall, where you will meet your local chef. There will be a short walk of around 7 minutes from the tender pier to the venue.
  • Once there, your culinary experience will kick off with an introduction by our chef, who will  walk you through the intricacies of the menu, sharing insights into the inspiration behind each dish and the locally-sourced ingredients that make them truly special.
  • It’s not just a meal; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich flavors and cultural stories that define our community’s gastronomic identity. Enjoy!

This is an example menu, as it can change due to the availability of the ingredients. The menu includes one beverage of choice, and additional drinks can be bought.


  • Cured Greenland Salmon with Angelica Mustard Sauce: Delicately cured salmon with tangy angelica-infused mustard sauce
  • Cold-smoked Greenland Halibut
  • Pickled Greenland trout
  • Snow Crab Legs with Homemade Mayo: Sweet snow crab legs with lemon-garlic mayo
  • Greenlandic cold prawns


  • Roasted Greenland Caribou or Musk-Ox
  • Long-Braised South Greenland Lamb Shank: Tender lamb shank slow-cooked with seasonal vegetables and rich demi-glace
  • Suaasat: Traditional rice stew with hunter’s catch made with either between seal or whale, served with root vegetables and herbs
  • Mattak: Authentic delicacy of whale skin and blubber, served as a cultural treat


  • Seasonal salat from experimental farm Upernaviarsuk
  • House pickles such as; pickled turnips, onions, seaweed and more
  • Potatoes from experimental farm Upernaviarsuk

Dried Fish Selection

  • Curated assortment showcasing Arctic flavours and preservation methods

Home-made bread

  • The dishes are served with homemade bread and herb infused butter

Cancellation terms

  • Cancellation fee of 30% is charged if cancelled 1 day or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 25% is charged if cancelled 3 days or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 10% is charged if cancelled 30 days or less before the event


  • Duration

    1 hour at the venue

  • Difficulty


  • Venue

    Qaqortoq Community Hall

  • Group Size

    Max group size is 25 guest per departure

  • What's Included?

    Food tasting menu, local beverage of choice. Escort from the pier to the venue.


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